Parks & Recreation

CT Consultants offers a multidisciplinary team of landscape architects, community planners, engineers, surveyors, and financing specialists. We offer design and planning services to public and private sector clients, including federal, state, county and local park boards; environmental and open space agencies; private/non-profit open space and conservation advocates; and private development groups.  Projects include:

    • Parks
    • Trail and greenway systems
    • Recreation and sports facilities
    • Interpretive facilities
    • Restored and enhanced wetlands
    • Restored ponds, lakes and streams
    • Natural areas and preserves
    • Waterways and waterfronts
    • Plazas and public spaces

Our specialized services include:

    • recreational and trail systems master planning; individual park master plans; feasibility studies
    • site planning and concept plans; site planning for new buildings, site restoration plans
    • design for active and passive parks, trail networks, new and rehab of infrastructure development, design for roadway, traffic, parking, and ADA requirements
    • design of site amenities and features
    • construction and post-construction administration; inspection services

We apply innovative technologies, cost saving strategies, and practical, real-world solutions to your projects.