Downtown Revitalization

CT’s landscape architects, engineers and support staff specialize in designing complete streets and public spaces that are welcoming and workable for people.  The firm focuses on creating city districts that encourage economic development and enhance the quality of human living.  Its mission is that of transforming worn out areas into prime real estate locations.  We recognize that aged streets and infrastructure as well as graying physical appearances are all reversible conditions of our cities.  Services include:

      • Economic Development
      • Planning and Funding
      • Historical Preservation
      • Landscape Features
      • Pedestrian Safety and Utility
      • Public/Private Solutions

Revitalizing concepts, unique to each community, are arrived at by building upon a community’s raw material: its architecture and character, its history and heritage, its uniqueness, its people, its human and spiritual qualities.  The design and implementation process involves a close working relationship with the community, its public and private sectors, that produces long term workable solutions.

CT Consultants is equally involved in developing the necessary financial plans for its client communities.  This includes grant making and securing funding sources.  Further, the multi-disciplinary firm of professionals directs the planning process from design/engineering through the construction phase to dedication.