Utility Administration & Operation Facilities

CT Consultants has been providing facility solutions to the electric, gas, water and telecommunications utility communities for 25 years. Our involvement has been focused on office space utilization/design and operations facility planning, design and construction.  We provide services including: facility assessments, energy audits, master plans, design of new or renovated office or operations facilities, control room design, warehouse and yard design/layout, materials management optimization studies, and construction administration services.

Our design teams focus on designing office and operations facilities to enable:

  • Enhanced customer service; flexibility to handle customer and employee growth
  • Higher performance employee teamwork and productivity
  • A healthier and safer work environment
  • Improved ability to sustain operations during a civil or natural emergency
  • Improved security for operations and employees (including NERC compliance)
  • Increased visibility and customer outreach
  • Lower maintenance and operating costs
  • Improved energy efficiency and environmental stewardship including USGBC LEED Certifications and Energy Star labels

Project goals are achieved through an integrated approach involving all of the major stakeholders (including the owner’s representatives and designers of all major disciplines) from the beginning of the design process.