CT Consultants, Inc. has purchased a Phase One 280MP Aerial Solution (PAS 280) 4-band, a large-format aerial imaging system, positioning the firm to expedite service with greater quality imagery to clients. This Phase One 280MP Aerial Solution is the first in the Midwest and adds CT to an elite number of companies owning this solution in the United States. Pictured is the installation of the camera to CT’s Cessna 310 turbo-charged twin-engine plane.

CT is a premier provider of advanced photogrammetric services, providing clients with unmatched technical quality, employing personnel with high academic and professional credentials, and continuously investing in new technologies. Their staff includes ASPRS-certified photogrammetrists, geographers, computer analysts, FAA-certified pilots, FAA-Part 107 drone pilots, aerial photographers, and geospatial technicians.

Pictured (left to right):
Rob Burkowski, CT’s Pilot
Teresa Zgoda, Phase One Technical Expert
Joey Roberts, CT’s Camera Operator
Mark Hammond, CT’s Geospatial Technical Lead

“Our geospatial team plays an integral part of our overall planning, design, and construction services. New technology investment is key as we provide clients with the necessary information and creative solutions,” says Dave Wiles, PE, CT’s President.

The Phase One 280MP Aerial Solution, from Phase One headquartered in Copenhagen, is a pioneer in digital imaging excellence. The large-format aerial photogrammetric system, with an image coverage width of more than 20,000 pixels – enables unprecedented high-quality aerial survey productivity. Compact and lightweight, this new aerial mapping solution can reduce operating costs and produce better investment returns than today’s traditional large-format systems.

Steve Cooper, VP Americas, Phase One, said, “The 280MP Aerial Solution is a bold and innovative approach to solving the demands for reliable aerial mapping performance. When some companies are putting off such expenditures, we are thrilled that CT chose to invest in their geospatial services – with an eye toward expansion. CT is fortunate to own their aircraft, and we look forward to seeing our equipment in operation.”

CT’s geospatial group uses unique data gathering and mapping tools, including aerial (film and digital) photography, aerial and mobile LiDAR systems, handheld LiDAR (SLAM), remotely piloted aircraft (drone), airborne GPS, and terrestrial LiDAR laser scanning while being anchored by boots on the ground land surveying. The firm, founded in 1922, has grown significantly in recent years through successful mergers and acquisitions, and they currently employ 237 professionals. Visit CT Consultants at ctconsultants.com/services/geospatial to learn more.

For more information about Phase One, please visit geospatial.phaseone.com