Willoughby WPCC Capacity Enhancement Project

Eastlake, Ohio

This project includes the installation of a flow diversion chamber that intercepts plant bypass flow and redirects it to Primary Clarifier Tanks 3 & 4 that are being assigned to Primary Equalization Service.

Operationally, once both clarifiers are full, bypassed flows exceeding the capacity of Primary Tanks 3 & 4 are conveyed to existing Aeration Basins 5 & 6 (that have been converted to Secondary Equalization service) via a new 9.3 MGD Transfer Pump Station and 24-in. force main.

Other plant renovations and improvements included: new flow diversion chamber; modifications to the existing plant bypass chamber; new splitter chamber; rehabilitation/improvements to the primary and final clarifies; new drain pump for Aeration Basins 5 & 6; grit equipment rehabilitation and conveyor replacement; improvements to the sludge supernatant, pressate and WAS piping systems; electrical and instrumentation improvements; bypass metering; and additional site piping and utility modifications.

Currently under construction, it is expected to be completed by Fall of 2021.

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