Willard WPCP Improvements Phase I

Willard, Ohio

Following the completion of a plant assessment, a complete long range capital improvements plan was developed. CT provided design and construction administration services for the first phase of improvements.

Work was completed at several facilities including the Water Pollution Control Plant, at the Storm Water Equalization Basin located 1/2 mile south of the WPCF and at a pump station located west of the treatment plant entrance.

Improvements include: pretreatment building modifications and improvements consisting of new grit receiving pad, new electrical additions, mechanical bar screen; pump station modifications including the replacement of the pumping and pump controls, and miscellaneous piping; equalization basin improvements that include installation of a new bar screen and washer-conveyor; aeration basin and control building improvements that include replacement of the plant effluent strainer, pumps and controls; aeration basin improvements that include the repairs to four vertical loop reactor aeration basin reactors; rehabilitation of four existing centrifugal blowers; new ultraviolet disinfection system; new chemical feed pumps; aerobic digester improvements including new decant tank mixers, access hatches and modification and supports for new RAS piping; grading; paving and restoration; electrical work including the installation of new motor control centers, VFD’s, disconnect switches, level sensors, lighting, power& control wiring and electrical terminations to equipment; HVAC work including the replacement of gas fired unit heaters in four buildings the replacement of a gas-fired boiler and central air handling unit in the Administration Building; plumbing; instrumentation work and upgrades and modifications the existing WWTP alarms system.

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