Western Trumbull County Comprehensive Plan

Trumbull County, Ohio

The desire to be proactive in a changing economic environment prompted nine communities in western Trumbull County* to form a consortium to address land use development objectives from a regional perspective in a manner that benefits not just the region, but also each community. CT Consultants was retained to develop the regional comprehensive plan. Contrary to the popular notion, the consortium started out with a conviction that any development in the region will benefit them all, irrespective of where it is located.

Development policies in the regional plan are based on “smart growth” principles, which promote the preservation of resources, such as:

  • Existing built areas;
  • Existing infrastructure;
  • Positive natural characteristics of rural areas; and
  • Public finances.

Some of the tools included in implementing the Plan, at the regional and community
level are:

  • Conservation Development;
  • Conservation Easements;
  • Transfer of Development Rights;
  • Shared Municipal Service Compacts; and
  • Tax Sharing.

*The nine communities include five townships – Braceville, Champion, Southington, Newton, and Warren; two villages – Lordstown and West Farmington; and two cities – Newton Falls and Warren.

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