West Bridge Street Bridge Replacement

Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works, Berea, Ohio

CT designed and prepared construction plans for a replacement structure over the Rocky River for the Cuyahoga County Engineer using the latest AASHTO Load and Resistance Factor Design specifications.  This specially designed, uniquely shaped bridge was a 74 foot single span structure with 13 Prestressed Concrete I-Beams with variable lengths, built composite with 8.5” thick reinforced concrete deck.  By utilizing the existing abutment geometry, the introduction of out of the ordinary design of this superstructure was utilized to accommodate differential deflection/camber between the I-Beams.  Beams were spaced at 5’-6” on modified variable-skewed semi-integral abutments with a width of 70’-6” including 2, 12 ft. sidewalks.

This project also included hands-on inspection, hydraulics including scour analysis (plus counter measures) for the existing abutment foundations, aesthetic enhancements, extensive utility coordination, bridge load rating, waterline relocation, maintenance of traffic and right-of-way plans.

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