Warren Downtown Streets Improvement

Warren, PA

The economic vitality of Warren’s historic downtown district has for years been energized  Warren PA Downtown 2by the presence of Northwest Savings Bank corporate headquarters. Public and private sector leaders agree that the city is fortunate to have NSB as the major downtown actor-tenant. They also agree that new businesses investment and development is needed downtown to ensure future economic vitality. Recognizing the physical condition of downtown street corridors was not conducive to this strategy, the City and Warren Main Street, Inc., engaged CT Warren PA Downtown 3Consultants to plan, design and implement a multi-phase comprehensive program of downtown street corridor capital improvements and enhancements.

The comprehensive project included the burying of all utility service wires, installing storm drainage infrastructure, and extensive pedestrian-oriented streetscape enhancements including new concrete sidewalks with brick inlay, historic-style streetlight and traffic signal poles, benches and furnishings, and landscaping. A signature design element of the plan is the new plaza and multi-tiered fountain feature installed at “The Point”, the landmark focal-area located at the heart of downtown.

CT Consultants worked closely with Warren leadership and downtown merchants on designing the street corridor improvements and enhancements. Moreover, CT Consultants was actively involved in financial planning and in grant-making leading to construction of improvements. The attractive, welcoming and pedestrian-oriented environment established by the street corridor improvements and enhancements has helped Warren attract new downtown business investment and development.

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