Union-Rome Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Union-Rome Sewer District, Lawrence County, Ohio

CT Consultants served as the lead process design engineer, providing planning and design services for the expansion and modification of the Union-Rome Sewer District’s wastewater treatment plant.  Since the Sewer District was first put into operation, the system has encountered a multitude of problems, including a Consent Decree in 1994 and development had placed additional stress on the plant.

Various improvement approaches were considered but the final recommendation was to upgrade of the existing WWTP in Chesapeake.  The upgraded and expanded plant has an average day design flow of 2.0 MGD, peak day flow of 5.0 MGD, and peak instantaneous flow of 7.0 MGD.  Improvements consisted of a new wet stream process including of a new headworks facility made up of a new influent pump station, fine screening, grit and grease removal, and septage receiving; a more aggressive secondary treatment process (Membrane Bioreactors); and a post treatment facility including disinfection and the addition of post aeration.

The project included optimization of the solids stabilization process to increase performance, efficiency and minimize capital cost.  The solid process is a PAD K consisting of an aerobic digestion process utilizing membrane thickening then sludge dewatering with the ultimate disposal of Class B stabilized solids to be landfilled.

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