The Cleveland Clinic Avon Bed Tower Addition

Avon, OH

The scope of this project was to add a hospital bed tower on to the existing medical office building. The site was full of challenges between existing wetlands, the need for additional parking, and the phasing of construction around an existing working medical facility. We prepared the overall site master plan and assisted the wetland consultant with the wetland impact plan documents, as well as prepared the construction documents including grading, landscape, irrigation, hardscape, and soils plans.

Due to the existing wetlands to remain, the remaining upland space was limited, and we proposed using permeable pavers to the Army Corps of Engineers for the new parking lot. The permeable pavers allowed the stormwater to be treated and stored in the thickened stone base, and gradually bleed out through sub-drainage around the perimeter of the parking lot. The final plan provides over 1,500 parking spaces, with 337,000 sf of permeable pavers (850 parking spaces), the largest installation in the region.

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