Sunbury West Revised Development Assessment

Sunbury, Ohio

A large area west of the Village of Sunbury is anticipating significant development along the I-71 corridor at S.R. 36/37. CT Consultants completed a study to identify the potential positive and negative impacts of development trends and assisted the Village with identifying appropriate steps for the Village to benefit from those impacts as well as managing any negative impacts. CT Consultants corroborated the reasonableness of projected development estimations for residential and non-residential development including retail, office and industrial development and the ability of the 4,600 acre study area to support those projections. The analysis determined that the local market could support significantly less development than developers and other local planning documents envisioned.

The study helped to determine whether annexation, and under what conditions, would generate sufficient revenue over service costs to have a surplus enabling the Village to make improvements to off-set increased impacts in central Sunbury. Based on conceptual development plans, this analysis included forecasts of projected tax revenues under various annexation scenarios.

CT also performed an evaluation of existing infrastructure and potential improvements required for roadway network and water and sewer service. Impacts of a proposed new interchange were considered with an evaluation of new construction and improvements to the local roadway network along with jurisdictional responsibilities.

Recommendations for potential next steps for the Village were developed to include potential zoning amendments, conceptual land use planning, establishing criteria and priorities for annexation and establishing criteria for providing development incentives.

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