Streetsboro Wastewater Treatment Plant

Portage County, Ohio

The existing wastewater treatment plant services Portage County Sewer District No. 4 in northwestern Portage County. The plant discharges to Tinkers Creek, which is a tributary to the Cuyahoga River. The service area is developing rapidly and the treatment facility was at capacity.

The County desired to expand the plant from 2.5 MGD to 6.0 MGD to handle the projected growth within the service area.

Detailed design of the Phase I Streetsboro Wastewater Treatment Plant included a new fourth influent screw pump, a second fine mechanical bar screen, expansion of aerated grit facilities, fine bubble aeration diffusers, a new final settling tank and flow splitter chamber. The design also included a new RAS/blower building, addition of two tertiary high rate sand filters, conversion of the existing chlorine and sulfur dioxide gas facility to sodium hypochlorite and sodium bisulfate feed systems, expansion of the chlorine contact tank, aerobic digester tanks and sludge holding tank, and a new Belt Filter Press Building, and a new SCADA computer system.

A new laboratory was included in the renovations to the Administration Building. Stabilized biosolids were dewatered by two 2.2 meter belt filter presses located in the new Biosolids Dewatering Building. Polymer were added upstream of the presses to condition the solids for dewatering. Dewatered biosolids cake were transported by a conveyor belt to a haul truck or to a storage pile. Cake solids are now stored in four covered storage buildings.

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