SHE-47-16.46, Replacement of SR-47 Bridge over Tawawa Creek

ODOT District 7

This project consists of the complete replacement of the existing 3-span concrete slab structure on State Route 47 (Riverside Drive) over Tawawa Creek and Multi-Use Trail improvements. The replacement structure will match the existing alignment of SR-47, and allow for a minimum of 8 feet clearance over the existing multipurpose trail beneath the bridge.

The new bridge is three span (42.0’-52.5’-42.0’) continuous, cast-in-place reinforced concrete slab with reinforced capped pile concrete piers and abutments with deep foundations. Pier piling is a single row of steel (HP12X53) piles, and will be encased in Class C Concrete to a depth of 3 feet below the creek bottom for scour protection. Hydraulically, the bridge opening is sufficient to pass the 100-year flood.

The bridge is on spiral alignment and will be superelevated at 0.035 ft./ft. The out-to-out deck dimension is 47’-6” which includes two (2) twelve-foot lanes flanked by two (2) eight-foot shoulders with a 5 ft. wide sidewalk located on the right side of the structure and a 1’-6” single slope concrete barrier separating the sidewalk traffic from vehicular traffic. Portions of the existing structure will be removed for part-width construction of the new bridge while providing for alternating signalized single lane traffic during construction.

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