S.R. 306 Sanitary Sewers and Pump Station

Kirtland, Ohio

CT initially conducted a study to examine the feasibility and costs of constructing a sanitary sewer collection system to serve existing commercial establishments and future development along Chillicothe Road (SR 306) in Kirtland, Ohio.

Three alternatives were examined for treatment of the consolidated sewage totaling 0.660 MGD of potential flows.  Alternatives included the Willoughby-Eastlake Water Pollution Control Center in Eastlake, the Lake County Department of Utilities Gary L. Kron Water Reclamation Facility in Mentor, and a new centralized treatment plant within Kirtland.  An analysis of the downstream sewers and treatment plant capacities was conducted to evaluate the feasibility of tying into existing systems.

The analysis was determined that the best solution was to have the Lake County Department of Utilities handle Kirtland’s sanitary flows.  The Gary L. Kron Water Reclamation Facility will have the capacity to handle the required amount of flow from Kirtland with a scheduled expansion of the plant.  This solution included two options to overcome deficiencies in the Lake County system including replacement of portions of the sewer system with larger diameter pipes and the installation of a detention basin in Kirtland to regulate the flows during wet weather.  A cost analysis determined a detention basin installation would be more economical.

CT then provided final design and construction services for 13,300 feet of gravity sewers and force main ranging from 8-inch to 20-inch and a 0.265 mgd duplex submersible pumping station and force main to connect to the Lake County Department of Utilities’ service area.  The project also required the crossing of Interstate 90.

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