Reynoldsburg Major Commercial Corridor Improvement

Reynoldsburg, Ohio

The Reynoldsburg Main Street commercial corridor was teaming with overhead wires and chaotic signage, void of landscaping and pedestrian amenities, and lacking any economic vitality. Community leaders and merchants along the two-mile corridor agreed that comprehensive street capital improvements and enhancements were needed to address infrastructure needs, establish a strong positive image, and encourage new business reinvestment.

CT Consultants worked closely with the city, merchants and property owners to transform the Main Street commercial corridor into a visually attractive and welcoming, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use development district. The two-phase project included burying all of the overhead wires, improving water and storm drainage infrastructure, installing new wider sidewalks highlighted with brick and gateway signage. Additionally, the project installed new decorative-style streetlight and traffic signal poles, benches and waste receptacles which, drawing upon the city’s history as developer of the first commercially viable tomato, are “Tomato Red.”

A more uniform approach to business signage and landscaping along the corridor was a major goal of the city. In exchange for stricter limits on size and height of new signs required by overlay zoning, property owners agreed to have old business signs removed and new business signs and landscaping installed along their property frontage as part of the project. CT Consultants was successful in working with the more than eighty property owners along Main Street to obtain the easements required for project construction to proceed.

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