Pearl Road Widening (CUY-42-0.90)

Strongsville, Ohio

CT Consultants was the Resident Project Representative and provided construction inspection for the $13.3 million widening and reconstruction of 1.5 miles of Pearl Road in the City of Strongsville. The project involved significant utility coordination, installation of new storm sewer system, waterline, new 5-lane roadway and ODOT coordination.

CT Consultants’ staff was able to recognize several potential conflicts on this project and took appropriate action to avoid delays.  One such example was the identification of a conflict in the contract schedule and a recommended maintenance of traffic plan that would have required the contractor to stop working.  The MOT plan required the relocation of utility poles that did not interfere with the final roadway but was required to accommodate temporary pavement.  CT staff recognized the conflict and worked with the City and local businesses to close the roadway, keep the contractor working and maintain access to businesses.  This resulted in the avoidance of a substantial delay claim and the project schedule was maintained.

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