Ohio to Erie Trail, Plumb Road to Galena Section

Delaware County, Ohio

Master planning, design and construction documents were prepared for the 5,750’ segment of the Ohio to Erie Trail through Delaware County.  The trail follows a meandering alignment extending from its southern limits at Plumb Road through the Hoover Nature Preserve and bird sanctuary to the banks of Hoover Reservoir, utilizing the historic (abandoned section) brick-paved Old 3C Highway. This trail section is a key segment of the Ohio to Erie Trail that runs through southern and eastern Delaware County.

Trail design services included the design of a proposed bridge overpass over the new 3C Highway, the creation of interpretive opportunities through the bird sanctuary, and the identification and design of rest areas along the shores of the Hoover Reservoir.  In addition, environmental and wetland studies, and survey work were included in the services. Construction was scheduled for staging to avoid the nesting habitat and nesting periods of several species of birds native to the sanctuary.

The phased project was funded through local funds and ODNR Recreational Trail grants.

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