ODOT District 12 On-Call Construction Inspection Services

ODOT District 12

CT Consultants has been providing as needed construction inspection services to ODOT District 12.  The scope of the work includes the inspection and documentation of work performed by ODOT’s contractors in accordance with the ODOT’s “Construction and Material Specifications” procedures, directives and other requirements.  CT Consultants’ inspectors monitor construction activities on a full-time basis, advise ODOT’s Project Engineer/Supervisor if the materials are in compliance with the specified requirements and advise if the construction is performed in compliance with the State’s contract requirements.

CT Consultants has provided construction inspection serivces for numerous projects including the $163 million, phase II and III of the S.R. 2 Modernization and Lane Addition (LAK-SR-002-07.60), reconstruction of Interstate 90 (LAK-IR-90-21.40) and the resurfacing of Interstate 90 (CUY-90-23.23).

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