MVSD Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Trumbull County, Ohio

CT Consultants provided design and construction services in connection with several renovation and expansion projects for the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District’s surface water treatment plant.  The various projects involved the $70,000,000 renovation and expansion of the facility from 30 MGD to 60 MGD.  Originally constructed in the early 1930s, the water treatment plant is a conventional surface water treatment plant using the Meander Reservoir as the source water and utilizing Lime-soda softening, settling and filtration as the primary treatment processes.

Completed improvements include high service pumping and control valves, screens, chemical feed system (carbon slurry and potassium permanganate), building additions, clearwell expansion, filter turbidimeters, filter backwash system with elevated tank, instrumentation and controls.

Most recently completed was the filtration system improvements which included filter valves and controls, surface sweeps, electrical and heating system upgrades, SCADA, material handling.  Other designed or partially designed improvements include rapid mix, flocculators, clarifiers, recarbonation, chemical feed systems (lime, sodium aluminate, polymer), laboratory and building renovations.

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