McMinnville Downtown Streets Improvement

McMinnville, TN

Downtown McMinnville had served well for generations as the seat of McMinnville Street Improvementcounty government and central business district for the surrounding community. However, in recent years street corridor conditions had become increasingly deteriorated and under-utilized buildings more numerous. Residents and business owners desired a more attractive, welcoming and economically viable downtown district; one that reflected well the county’s rich heritage and the community’s quality of life.

CT Consultants, was engaged by a public-private partnership consisting of the city and the newly formed Main Street McMinnville, Inc. to prepare the master plan, site design and construction drawings for comprehensive street corridor capital improvements and enhancements along the 7-block downtown Main Street and town square. Moreover, CT Consultants was actively involved in financial planning and in grant-making leading to construction of improvements.

Improvements included storm drainage and water system upgradMcMinnville Alley Improvementes, burying of overhead wires, new sidewalks highlighted with brick and stone, new decorative-style traffic signal and streetlight poles, reorganized parking, and restoration of the town square plaza and fountain features. Additionally, an alley linking Main Street to the nearby Farmers Market was improved with new curvilinear walkway, decorative arches, furnishings, lighting and landscaping. Extensive use of new trees and plantings in the project area highlight the city’s commercial heritage as “landscape nursery capital of the world.”

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