Madison Avenue Green Street

Lakewood, OH

Current stormwater inlets along Madison Avenue carry sediment and pollutants from the roadway directly to Lake Erie during wet weather flows as they are connected to the City’s combined sewer system.  As the City’s widest roadway (73 feet), Madison Avenue provided an excellent opportunity to reduce impervious areas and increase natural infiltration of storm water with the construction of green infrastructure improvements.  This project, extends approximately 425 feet and encompasses most of the Madison Park frontage.  As previously constructed, the impervious surface encompassed about 18,000 s.f. of asphalt and generated about 434,360 gallons of stormwater run-off annually.

The final “green street” improvements included the removal of existing full depth pavement, sidewalk and curb, signal pole and catch basins. Decorative concrete pavement and bioretention basins along with related storm drainage and plantings were installed. As part of the streetside bioretention areas, planter walls, curb and gutter, and decorative trench grates were provided. Decorative pavement, planting and benches were also added to the entrance of Becks Pool at Madison Park.

The project reduces the pervious pavement by 4,911 square feet and is estimated to reduce stormwater run-off by 402,823 gallons annually.   This project, which was funded through a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant provided a significant opportunity to develop an extremely visible and educational-based green infrastructure showcase that will alleviate considerable storm water run-off into the combined sewer system.

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