Lorain West Side Wastewater Treatment Plant (aka the PQM West Side Wastewater Treatment Plant)

Lorain, Ohio

CT prepared a facilities plan resulting in a recommendation for the construction of a second wastewater treatment plant designed to relieve the overloading occurring at the existing Black River Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The new wastewater treatment plant was designed with an innovative technical approach utilizing primary effluent filtration with trickling filters for secondary treatment. This innovative approach enabled the City to increase the federal grant share of the project costs from 75 to 85 percent. The plant design included a discharge outfall sewer extending 2,000 ft. into Lake Erie. The plant’s design average daily flow was 5.4 MGD.

CT also provided architectural and engineering services for a new sewer system maintenance building that was built on the treatment plant site.

In addition, CT provided engineering services for the collection system improvements designed to divert existing flow to the new treatment facility. These improvements were closely coordinated with the completion and startup of the new treatment plant, which was successfully completed in 1988 for a project cost of $18 million. The new plant was named in honor of the City’s Utilities Director, Philip Q. Maioraina, and is now called the PQM West Side Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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