Lorain Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

Lorain, OH

CT prepared the basis of design, construction drawings, and technical specifications and provided construction contract administration and resident engineering services associated with the rehabilitation of the 16 MGD Lorain Water Treatment plant.

The project involved replacing four vertical turbine raw water pumps with capacities ranging from 8 MGD to 15 MGD at 40 ft TDH; replacing rapid mixing and flocculation equipment; adding tube settling in one sedimentation basin for increased capacity; and replacing filter media, troughs, valves, and rate of flow controllers. A turbidimeter on each filter effluent was also added as well as modifying chemical feed systems (lime, alum, powdered activated carbon).

Concrete repairs to the filter basins; adding baffles to two existing clearwells; adding a new clearwell to satisfy CT requirements of the surface water treatment rate (SWTR); adding a new high service pump building with office space were also done. Additional services included, adding high service vertical turbine pumps ranging in capacities from 7 MGD to 15 MGD at 240 ft TDH; adding a computer-based SCADA with telemetry to existing elevated storage tanks; replacing high voltage switchgear and transformers; renovating the existing laboratory; replacing transmission mains to the distribution system; and implementing various building and site improvements.

CT has also provided continuing services to the City at the Water Treatment Plant, including the 2007 chemical feed improvements for corrosion control.

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