Jackson WWTP Upgrade

Jackson, Ohio

The Jackson WWTP was upgraded to manage peak flows without adding flow equalization. This was in response to EPA findings and orders to eliminate SSO’s in the collection system. The improvements involved a SCADA managed distribution of increasing influent flows to sequential active parallel plants; an active MBR plant, a low flow Oxidation Ditch plant, a peak flow Oxidation Ditch plant an existing flow equalization lagoon.

The construction included a waste activated sludge holding tank for seeding the high flow Oxidation Ditch for peak flow secondary treatment. The improvements included site piping, level sensors and meters to control pumping stations and flow splitting weirs, gates and valves. The sludge tank was also equipped with level instrumentation and flow meter to control the seeding operation.

In addition, upgrades to various unit processes were included in the project to assure good service. These included clarifier motor control retrofits, a new influent coarse screen and washer compactor, digester aeration and sludge pumping.

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