Inter-County Energy Cooperative

Danville, KY

Inter-County Energy Cooperative’s (ICEC) new 30,250 sf headquarters facility, replaced their 1950s vintage office building in historic Danville, KY. A renovated warehouse and truck parking facility totaling over 20,000 sf is also located on the 18-acre Hustonville Road site.

The resulting design program provided a good picture of the space and functional needs of the organization and served as a planning tool to accommodate anticipated change and growth. The solution was executed in four phases to keep the business in operation with minimal disruption to customer service during construction.

The approximately $5 million project was designed to complement historic Danville through the use of similar masonry materials and architectural features. In keeping with ICEC’s mission, resource and energy conserving materials, technologies, and systems, such as geothermal heating and cooling, were used when applicable.

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