Indiana Downtown & Gateway Street Improvement Projects

Indiana, PA

CT Consultants worked with the Borough of Indiana, Pennsylvania, (hometown of actor Jimmy Stewart) as well as Downtown Indiana, Inc., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana County, PennDOT and stakeholders on designing and implementing a multi-phase program of comprehensive street corridor capital improvements and enhancements to address infrastructure needs; reduce municipal maintenance costs; increase pedestrian safety: establish a more welcoming, attractive and pedestrian-oriented district environment; and encourage new private-sector investment and job creation.

The initial three phases constructed between 2010 and 2014 comprise eight blocks of downtown street corridors.  Improvements and enhancements include new concrete sidewalks with decorative brick pavers; historic style street lights with modern optics; curbs and ramps; landscaping and furnishings; traffic signals and street signage; underground conduits for electric, telephone and internet service; street pavements: repair/replacement of storm drainage, water and sewer utilities; and replacement of steps and walls along historical “Vinegar Hill.”

The Indiana Downtown Economic Development Project street corridor improvements and enhancements have been instrumental to re-establishing a positive image, reducing municipal maintenance costs, encouraging re-investments in buildings and businesses, increasing safety, and enhancing quality of life in the downtown district. Planned future phases will focus on the Wayne Avenue commercial corridor that serves as gateway to the downtown district and the campus of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

In addition to design and implementation services, CT provided financial planning, grant writing and grant administration services for the project.

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