Heart of Ohio Trail, Phase 1

Knox County, Ohio

The Heart of Ohio Trail is a regional trail within Knox County that provides hikers, bicyclists, and travel enthusiasts with safe, reliable and scenic alternate modes of transportation in Knox County. Along this picturesque section of trail, visitors have the opportunity to have a glimpse into Central Ohio’s rich railroad history, observe numerous scenic farms and see abundant wildlife along the adjacent creek.

CT Consultants provided surveying, design, engineering and construction administrative services for Phase 1 of the Heart of Ohio Trail. This 3.7 mile rail trail is an important section of the Ohio to Erie Trail in Knox County. The Heart of Ohio Trail provides pedestrian connection to the Village of Mount Liberty and extends for several miles northeast towards Mount Vernon. Eventually this trail will link Delaware County to the South and the Kokosing Gap Trail to the north.

The project was partially funded by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Clean Ohio Trail Fund.

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