Dayton Zoning Code Rewrite

Dayton, Ohio

The City of Dayton retained CT Consultants to lead the comprehensive rewrite of the City’s Zoning Regulations. The rewrite project, known as Designing Dayton: Strengthening Our Future Through Zoning, implements one of the key recommendations of Dayton’s recently adopted Comprehensive Plan. The project was designed to incorporate extensive citizen participation, utilizing several advisory committees, the City’s Priority Boards, focus groups, and other community feedback measures.

Dayton’s existing Zoning Code was created in 1960 and reflected the needs and expectations of a city of more than 260,000 people. The land use challenges Dayton faced at the present time were much more complex than 40 years prior. The new Zoning Code needed to address shifting development trends, a much smaller population (approximately 166,000), and new constraints on development posed by environmental regulations. One of the primary goals of the Zoning Code rewrite was to replace suburban-oriented development regulations with standards that reflect and preserve the existing built environment and allow Dayton’s numerous historic districts to thrive. The revised code became effective on August 1, 2006.

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