Conneaut Water Treatment Plant

Conneaut, OH

CT provided design and construction contract administration services for the 3-phase upgrading of the City’s 2.8 MGD water treatment plant. The plant was a conventional surface water treatment plant using Lake Erie as the surface water. Alum coagulation, settling and filtration were the primary treatment processes.

This project consisted of the following elements: replacing one low service pump with a capacity of 2.0 MGD; adding rapid mixing and flocculation equipment; adding sludge collection to two existing sedimentation basins; replacing filter media, underdrains and troughs; adding surface sweeps to the filters and upgrading instrumentation and controls; adding a filter backwash storage tank and a spent filter backwash water storage tank; adding a sludge storage tank and modifying piping to eliminate direct discharge to Lake Erie; adding baffles to the existing clearwells; upgrading the chlorination facility to suit Ten State Standards; replacing two high service horizontal split case pumps with capacity of 3.0 MGD at 160 ft. TDH and related cone valves; adding an emergency generator and upgrading the electrical system to suit all modifications.

Building improvements included the removal of the corroded steel lintels above all windows in the front elevations and the stone lentil was replaced to update the look of the building. Building addition materials matched the original building.

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