Carnegie Borough Building

Carnegie, Pennsylvania

The Borough of Carnegie government had a poor public image due to having outdated facilities that were placed in an obscure location. It reflected their reputation as an old steel town.

Through CT Consultants’ consultation, the Borough realized that the success of their re-imaging as a community with a vital business district and thriving arts community was closely tied to the impression that visitors and the community had from the center of government.

Finding themselves with a piece of old railroad property on West Main Street in an economically challenged part of town, they decided to build a new mixed-use facility that would house the government departments, speculative office, and retail space. The Borough envisioned this commitment would spur further economic development in the community.

A clock tower would anchor Main Street and re-establish the heart of the community. The use of brick and stone masonry with historic detailing was a gesture to the heritage of other significant local buildings. The use of exposed steel in the tower was an artistic expression reflecting Borough’s steel town heritage.

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