Big Island Water Works Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) System Improvements

Sandusky, OH

CT provided engineering design services for a new powder activated carbon (PAC) System and provided operation assistance/training with use of fluorescence equipment.
The project involves the design of a PAC Feed System to replace the existing 420 lbs/day system allowing for more effective control of algal toxins and removal of TOC for better control of THMs. The new system has a capacity of 4,000 lbs/day (40 mg/L at 12 MGD) and the two silos system will have a combined capacity of 3,000 cubic feet or about 54,000 pounds.

CT’s scope of work included preliminary engineering to determine the best location for the PAC equipment and detailed design of required site work, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and architectural components. Coordination meetings with the City staff occurred on a regular basis, and CT also provided assistance to the City with funding applications. It is anticipated that the project will bid in February 2016 at an approximate cost of $2 million.

Services also include training of plant personnel in the use of fluorescence testing equipment, which will allow for the optimization of PAC. The training involves:

  • Conversion of fluorescence excitation-emission-matrix (EEM) scans into quantitative values for each water sample data file
  • Incorporation of values from EEM scans into a Decision Blue Dashboard software for assessment of water plant operations, including dissolved organic carbon, algal activity monitoring and risk assessment, and disinfection byproduct formation (DBP) potential
  • Decision Blue dashboard software output regarding chemical dose strategies to achieve cost-effective water quality compliance

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