Mark Horton Leads Project Management Efforts, Supports Firm Growth

Mark Horton, a 34 year veteran of the construction industry finds himself back at CT Consultants leading the firm’s efforts to grow a promising project management and owner’s representation portfolio and supporting the firm’s impressive growth.   His experience and network touches many markets including government, industrial, commercial, residential, professional sports, higher education and K-12. A broad background has given him the opportunity to direct and oversee the design and construction of new and expanded facilities, renovations, as well as facility and real estate management.

Clients trust Mark to provide the necessary guidance and leadership to successfully deliver projects while meeting project budgets, schedules, quality standards and safety. Although Mark has spent much of his career in Northeast Ohio, his roots can be traced back to the Volunteer State where he was born and graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1982. As a third-generation graduate of UT, Mark will be assisting with the firm’s geographic expansion into Tennessee with the opening of the firm’s Nashville office.

Mark answered a few questions to lend insight into his management approach and guidance to owner’s undertaking major construction projects.

What is most critical for an owner to get started on the right foot when undertaking a major capital project, such as a new building or expansion?
Assembling the project team is the key first step. The Owner will be faced with difficult tasks relating to scope definition, team assembly, budgeting, scheduling, quality, and above all managing their risk. And managing a capital project requires special expertise in a wide variety of areas most companies simply do not possess. I have found that organizations can struggle in balancing their daily duties with trying to manage architects, engineers and contractors. If the efforts of these groups are not properly coordinated costly errors can occur.

How do you evaluate and advise owners on an appropriate delivery model to meet their specific project goals?
There are key questions that need to be answered in order to identify the right approach to deliver a project for a particular Owner;

 >  What is the Owner’s past experience managing capital projects and how do those “lessons learned” inform them for the next one?

>  What are the budget and schedule drivers, and is one more important than the other?

>  At what level does the Owner want or need to be involved in the details?

Construction projects have many moving parts, including various contractors, sub-contractors, designers, stakeholders, financing institutions, government agencies, all of which have their own specific goals.  What have you found most successful to keeping everyone focused on a successful project?
First and foremost is to become an extension of the owner’s staff in playing the role of their trusted technical advisor. With a proper level of “empowerment” from the Owner, I am able to channel the project team of architects, engineers and planners in a much more effective manner. These resources enable me to anticipate problems and identify solutions to avoid negative impacts on the project budget and schedule. Setting clear goals and applying constant monitoring to achieve them is essential.

Mark can be reached directly at (440) 530-2232 or by email at mhorton[at]

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