House Bill 512 – Lead and Copper Monitoring Requirements

Ohio EPA has reviewed standards and instituted new requirements under House Bill 512 for lead and copper monitoring, more timely public notification of monitoring results, and optimizing corrosion control treatment. Information regarding recent changes, required reporting forms, and additional resources are located on the Ohio EPA website.

Questions about how to implement the requirements in House Bill 512 concerning lead and copper testing and mapping of public water systems for lead contamination from plumbing fixtures?

Our staff is available to help prepare the required maps of water systems to identify and map areas of the distribution systems which may contain lead service lines and to identify the characteristics of buildings and areas of the distribution system with solder, fixtures, or pipes containing lead.

CT’s Senior Project Manager, Bob McNutt, PE can be contacted for additional information. Bob can be reached by email at bmcnutt[at]  (replace [at] with @)

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