CT Welcomes Back Mike Cyvas

CT Consultants welcomes back Mike Cyvas as a Senior Project Engineer. An accomplished engineer and project manager, Mike brings with him over 29 years of experience including 23 years serving as the Principal owner of T-K Engineering & Design Group.  He will oversee the planning, design and construction of infrastructure projects and will also provide oversight and coordination the CT’s survey department.

Mike began his professional career with CT Consultants after graduating from The Ohio State University in 1987 where he managed CT’s Traffic Engineering Department, served as a Municipal Engineer and worked on both municipal and ODOT transportation projects. Following his time with CT, he served as a Traffic Engineer for the City of Cleveland.

CT Consultants Vice President Clyde Hadden says, “We are pleased to announce Mike’s return to CT. Mike contributes a wealth of experience in a wide variety of engineering skills to provide the “Trusted Advisor” role to our public and private clients alike. He is a tremendous asset to our team and will truly benefit our clients in the delivery of quality projects and services.”

We spoke with Mike to learn a bit more about his thoughts on his new role with CT, his approach to project delivery and his most memorable engineering landmark.

What do you look forward to in your new position with CT Consultants?
Having been a prior employee of CT when I was young and fresh out of college and having a few mentors, I would like to cap off my career here at CT by being an approachable and meaningful mentor to the new and young staff members beginning their career here at CT.

What types of projects do you like working on the most?
I like that in my position working with public and private clients I get the opportunity to work on many types of projects ranging from storm water management, water distribution, roadway, traffic, and private development. Because of the diversity of work I don’t become pigeon-holed into doing just one mundane task day in and day out.  I’ve also found that I can draw on this diverse project background to help my clients with the various issues they’re confronted with.

What’s your approach to working with clients and successfully managing/delivering projects?
Making the client feel comfortable with me and my approach to getting the work done is important. This begins with engaging them in the decision making process, delivering on agreed upon schedules, responding quickly to client requests and providing good common sense solutions to the issues at hand. I also treat every project with equal importance no matter the size, the owner must understand his/her project is just as important as the next.

Many engineers like to visit engineering landmarks or feats.  What’s your most memorable engineering landmark or feat you’ve visited?
The shortest commercial airport landing strip located on the Island of SABA. We have taken several trips there to SCUBA dive and relax.

What do you like do in your free time away from the office?
My career as a civil engineer and previously as a business owner has afforded me the opportunity to spend time boating, scuba diving and spending time with my wife Diane and kids.

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