Sun Avenue Resurfacing - Wickliffe $0.00

Wickliffe, City of
Phase 3 WWC & Collection System Improvements - Wheeling WV $0.00

City of Wheeling
Jakse Park Pool Building Roof Replacement - Eastlake $0.00

Eastlake, City of
West Main Street Water Tower Project - Smithville $0.00

Smithville, Village of
Plymouth Drive and Quentin Road Storm Outfall Emergency Repairs - Eastlake $455,196.00 Mark Haynes Construction, Inc. Base and Alternate Eastlake, City of
Waite Hill Road Improvements $229,583.00 Burton Scot Contractors, LLC
Waite Hill, Village of
New Franklin 12" Water Main Project $2,385,352.00 Wenger Excavating, Inc. Awarded Alternate 1 Aqua Ohio, Inc.
Field House ADA Toilet Improvements - Geneva $0.00

Geneva, City of
CR15 Railroad Spur Waterline - Newcomerstown $0.00

Newcomerstown, Village of
Solids Collection Center Roof Replacement PHIIIK - Wheeling WV $0.00

Wheeling, City of
SR 44 and Orchard Street Intersection Widening - Mantua $52,924.00 NES Corp.
Mantua, Village of
2020 Road Program - Chagrin Falls $0.00

Chagrin Falls, Village of
2020 Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements - Chagrin Falls $0.00

Chagrin Falls, Village of
Stevens Boulevard Pavement Replacement - Eastlake $0.00
Base Bid and 5 Alternates Eastlake, City of
Ohio to Erie Trail - Delaware County $0.00

Preservation Parks of Delaware County
Wellfield Electrical Upgrades & SCADA System - Germantown $0.00

Germantown, City of
Weaver Road Water Tank Replacement Project - Germantown $0.00

Germantown, City of
Crowell Avenue & Eustace Avenue Water Main Replacement - Northern Kentucky Water District $0.00

Northern Kentucky Water District
Contract III-F - Wastewater Collection and Treatment System Improvements - Chlorine System Replacement - Wheeling WV $336,719.00 Lone Pine Construction, Inc.
Wheeling, City of
Galalina Area Storm Sewer Improvements - Phase 2 - Eastlake $2,849,269.95 DiGioia-Suburban Excavating, LLC Base Bid and Alternates A, B, & C Eastlake, City of
Erie Street Improvements - Village of Jefferson $422,749.00 Easton Excavating, Inc.
Jefferson, Village of
Main Street Improvements - Village of Winchester $707,955.30 Fillmore Construction, LLC Base Bid and Alternate A Winchester, Village of
Sanitary Sewer Cleaning & Televising-Manhole Runs From MHC-1 to C-64 - Conneaut $63,030.00 C & K Industrial Services, Inc.
Conneaut, City of
Saybrook Twp. Pump Station Improvements $741,237.00 Marucci & Gaffney Exacvating Co. - Architectural & Process - $667,187.00; Penn-Ohio Electrical Company - Electrical - $74,050.00
Ashtabula Co.Board of Commissioners
City Hall Park Pavilion - Mentor on the Lake $107,800.00 Accorp Group, Inc. dba JCI Contractors
Mentor-on-the-Lake, City of
Supply of Flow Monitoring Equipment - ABC Water & Stormwater District $0.00

ABC Water & Stormwater District
WTP Clarifier Renovation - Village of New Concord $182,089.00 Workman Industrial Services, Inc.
New Concord, Village of
U.S. 20 Utility Relocation - Ashtabula Co. Board of Commissioners $83,881.00 Union Industrial Contractors, Inc.
Ashtabula Co. Brd. Of Commissioners
Chestnut Street and Middle Road Roadway Improvement - Conneaut $409,282.00 Koski Construction Company Contract A – OPWC Funded Streets Conneaut, City of
Alexandria 2020 Street Program $303,695.00 Riegler Blacktop

WM. Blatt & East Walnut Alley Reconstruction Project - Southgate $70,423.50 Paul Michels
Shumate, City of
2020 Pavement Repair Program - South Russell $756,758.80 Specialized Construction, Inc. Base Bid and 2 Alts South Russell, Village of
Fort Wright 2020 Resurfacing Program $0.00

Fort Wright, City of
2020 Cranberry Run CCTV - ABC Water and Stormwater District - Boardman $106,096.85 Insight Pipe Contracting, LLC Contract B ABC Water and Stormwater District
Fort Wright 2020 Concrete Street Program $385,527.50 JPS Construction Parts A & B Fort Wright, City of, KY
Fort Wright 2020 Resurfacing Program $177,270.00 Riegler Blacktop Parts A, B & C plus Alternate Fort Wright, City of, KY
Fort Wright 2020 Concrete Street Program $0.00

Fort Wright, City of
Lowry Farm Improvements-Johnny Appleseed Metro Park Districe $189,685.75 All Terra, Inc.
Johnny Appleseed Metro Park District
Wickliffe Park-N-Ride Lot - LAKETRAN $2,385,117.70 Contract A - Site Work - JTO - $1,504,839.70 Contract B - Building - Engelke Construction Solutions - $880,278.00
2020 Street Improvements - Sunbury $363,565.45 Columbus Asphalt Paving, Inc.
Sunbury, Village of
ADA Ramp Replacement - Willoughby $139,244.00 RMH Concrete & Foundations, Inc.
Willoughby, City of
Rust Drive Bridge Remediation Project - Taylor Mill $0.00

Taylor Mill, City of, KY
Clay Street Waterline Improvements - Ashtabula Co. $394,803.13 C.I.R., Inc. Base And Alternate Ashtabula Co. Bd./Commissioners
Dover Canal Park Path $0.00

Dover, City of
Elevated Water Tank Repainting $352,500.00 Seven Brothers Painting, Inc. Base Bid B Kelleys Island, Village of
2020 Pavement Repair Program Transfer Station Road – Asphalt Paving
Memory Lane, Fernwood Lane, & McGettigan Lane – Chip Seal
$292,820.22 Precision Paving, Inc.
Kelleys Island, Village of
Highland/Pike Waterline Extention - Piketon Water $0.00

Pike Water, Inc.
Northland and West Sharon Resurfacing $178,577.52 Barrett Paving Materials - Base and alternate #1. J.K. Meurer - Alternate #2
Forest Park, City of
North Main Street Reconstruction, Phase II $571,982.40 B & J Concrete and Construction Awarded base bid plus all 5 allternates Plans are available for viewing on at http://www/ Bid specifications, drawings, plan holders list, addenda, and other bid info can be obtained from Becker Impressions, 4646 Angola Rd, Toledo OH 43615 North Baltimore, Village of
Water Treatment Plant HAB Improvements - Cadiz $2,337,000.00 Kirk Bros.Co., Inc.
Cadiz, Village of
Meter Reading System Replacement - Brewster $362,525.59 Core and Main LP Base Bid Minus Item Nos, 5 & 6 Brewster, Village of
Crackel Subdivision Sanitary Sewer - Phase 3 - West Union $2,369,454.00 Lloyd's Excavating, LLC
West Union, Village of
Southgate Community Center Trail Improvement Project $0.00

Southgate, City of, KY
President's Park Pathway - REBID - Mentor $0.00 Project on hold - awaiting funding. Project on hold - awaiting funding. Mentor, City of
Little Walnut Creek Inteceptor Sewer-Phase 1 - Sunbury $0.00 Bid cancelled. Project on hold. Bid cancelled. Project on hold. Sunbury, Village of
West Wood Street Improvements Project - REBID - Lowellville $203,094.70 Foust Construction, Inc.
Lowellville, Village of
Marion Street Bridge and Retaining Wall Replacement and Improvements - Waldo $145,975.00 Great Lakes Demolition Company, LLC
Waldo, Village of
Amsterdam Road Reconstruction $0.00

Fort Wright, City of, KY
2020 Neighborhood Investment Program - Hermitage $0.00

Hermitage, City of, PA
East Washington Street Sewer Rehabilitation - Chagrin Falls $3,032,008.02 S.E.T., Inc. WPCLF Part A, SSO Elimination (Inflow & Infiltration) and the WSRLA Part B, East Washington Street Waterline Replacement. Chagrin Falls, Village of
Fort Thomas Tower Park Paving $0.00

Fort Thomas, City of, KY
Forest Park 2020 Street Program $388,241.40 Adleta, Inc. includes the base bid amount of $283,663.60, plus Alternate 1 Southland (Ballinger – West Sharon) for $104,577.80 Forest Park, City of
Grandin Avenue Resurfacing $79,860.42 Rack & Ballauer Excavating
Forest Park, City of
Landan Lane Reconstruction $292,308.50 Fred A. Nemann Co.
Springdale, City of
St. Martin's Place & Municipal Parking Lot Improvements $541,199.66 Barret Paving Materials
Cheviot, City of
Taylor Mill 2020 Street Program $0.00

Taylor Mill, City of, KY
Wind Turbine Demolition - REBID - Conneaut $143,000.00 C. Crump, Inc. Fef. Nos. 1A & 2 Conneaut, City of
Keel Ridge Road/East State Street Intersection Improvements - Hermitage PA $257,820.00 M and B Services, LLC
Hermitage, City of, PA
2020 Pavement Repair Program & 2020 Striping Program - Willowick $645,755.00 Ronyak Paving, Inc. Awarded Pavement Repair only. Est. - $700,000.00 Pavement, $40,000.00 Striping Willowick, City of
Manry Park Exercise Trail Improvements - Willowick $157,508.00 Lake County Landscape & Supply, Inc. Part A & B Willowick, City of
Beacon Hills Subdivision Streets and Grind and Resurface $649,341.00 John R. Jurgenson Base Bid - $618,551.50, Pavement Repair - $18,289.50 and MH Repair $12,500.00 Springdale, City of
Pump Station Generator Connections and Portable Generator - Jackson $220,235.00 McDaniel Electric, Inc.
Jackson, City of
Fire Station 87 Renovation $773,000.00 Endeavor Construction Base bid total of $710,000.00, plus Alt. 1 $14,000; Alt 2-West, $26,000.00; and, Alt 2-North, $23,000. Sharonville, City of
OTT-Jefferson St. Reconstruction PID No. 106850 $1,266,852.00 Buckeye Excavating & Construction DBE Goal is 8% Port Clinton, City of
WWTP Standby Generator - New Concord $0.00

New Concord, Village of
Erie Street Waterline Replacement Improvement -Project No. 413W-2018 $0.00
Sold at Lake Blue, Inc. Lake Co. Bd./Commissioners
East Alexandria Pike #63 $0.00

Campbell, County of, KY
Woods Ridge Water Storage Tank Replacement - Scioto Co. $295,193.00 Mid Atlantic Storage Systems, Inc.
Scioto Co. Reg.Water Dist. #1
East Foster-Maineville Road and Mulberry Street Rehabilitation $190,882.85 J.K. Meurer Corp.
Maineville, Village of
Well #6 Improvement Project - Piketon OH $280,500.00 Layne Christensen Company
Pike Water, Inc.
Tower Park Shelter #3 - rebid $0.00

Fort Thomas, City of, KY
West Huntington Drive Improvements - Phase 1 $0.00

Boardman Township
President's Park Pathway - Mentor $0.00

Mentor, City of
Lakeland Transfer Center - Rebid - Contract A Site Work; Contract B Building $2,417,738.00 Engelke Construction Solutions, LLC - Contract A - Site Work & Contract B - Building Contract A - Site Work; $1,152,300.00 Contract B - Building: $1,507,700.00 LAKETRAN
Lakeside Park 2019 Joint & Crack Seal Program $0.00

Lakeside Park, City of, KY
Tower Park Shelter #3 $196,500.00 John P. Tumlin & Sons Ltd.
Fort Thomas, City of, KY
Town Hall Brick Restoration Project-rebid $184,100.00 General Restoration Corp.
Sunbury, Village of
Taylor Mill 2019 Street Program $0.00

Taylor Mill, City of, KY
Community Center Lobby and Fitness Room Renovation - rebid $316,700.00 Empire Bldg Co. Base bid & all 5 alternates Sharonville, City of
2019 Paving Project - Village of Lithopolis - REBID $0.00

Lithopolis, Village of
Amberley 2019 Storm Sewer Project $74,910.00 Adleta Inc.
Amberley, Village of
Main Street Bridge Retaining Wall - Chagrin Falls $0.00

Chagrin Falls, Village of
Sanitary Sewer Rehab Phase II - Village of Byesville $0.00

Byesville, Village of
Community Center Lobby and Fitness Room Renovation $0.00

Sharonville, City of
Town Hall Brick Restoration Project - Sunbury $0.00
Rebid ID 2535 Sunbury, Village of
Alexandria 2019 Street Program $187,529.00 Riegler Blacktop
Alexandria, City of, KY
Fort Thomas 2019 Curb, Sidewalk, and Driveway Apron Replacement $82,900.00 TMS Construction
Fort Thomas, City of, KY
Genoa 2019 Paving Program $122,482.00 7L Construction LLC
Genoa, Village of
Lakeland Transfer Center - LAKETRAN

Project re-bid. Bid as 2 separate contracts - Site work & Bldg. LAKETRAN
Gower Park Retaining Wall - Sharonville $78,522.55 Adleta, Inc.
Sharonville, City of
3rd Street Water Storage Tank Replacement $0.00

Philo, Village of
Independence 2019 Street Program $585,247.00 JPS Construction
Independence, City of, KY
S. Darby Road Stormwater and Roadway Improvements Project - Hermitage PA $0.00

Hermitage, City of, PA
Amberley 2019 Street Program $714,311.06 Rack & Ballauer
Amberley, Village of
Rifle Range Road Culvert Replacement $0.00

Campbell County Road Department
Fire Department Vehicle Exhaust Capture Project $66,208.00 Clean Air Concepts
Springdale, City of
2019 North Street Stabilization Project $147,450.00 Ultra Technic Construction
Southgate, City of, KY
CUY SR 010 06.00 Streetscape - Fairview Park $0.00

Fairview Park, City of
Genoa Town Hall & Civic Theater Elevator Modernization $0.00
Plans and specs being sold at Becker Impressions, 4646 Angola Road, Toledo 43615 Cost of reproduction/Addt'l fee: S&H (Check w/Becker Impressions) Genoa, Village of
Fort Wright 2019 Street Program $559,430.00 Riegler Blacktop Includes Part A & Part B Fort Wright, City of, KY
Fort Thomas 2019 Street Program $348,902.50 Riegler Blacktop includes Alternates 1,2, & 3 Fort Thomas, City of, KY
2019 Springdale Maintenance Program $232,127.93 Strawser Construction awarded w/all alternates Springdale, City of
2019 Springdale Street Rehabilitation Program $0.00
City has rejected all bids. No re-bid date has been set. Springdale, City of
Basketball Court Improvements $0.00

Warsaw, Village of
Sidewalk Replacement Program - Hiram $266,848.00 Alba Contractors, Inc.
Hiram, Village of
Mosquito Creek WWTP Improvements - Trumbull County $31,782,653.50 A.P. O'Horo Base Bid and Alternate Trumbull County Bd./Commissioners
Taylor Mill Road Sidewalk - PH 2 - Rebid $448,763.00 TMS Construction Bid rejected. Only 1 bid received; City rejected it and said project would be re-bid in 2019 Taylor Mill, City of, KY
Thomas More Parkway Traffic Signal Modifications $144,979.95 Bansal Construction base bid plus alternate Edgewood, City of, KY
Hudson Avenue Reconstruction $194,787.50 JPS Construction
Lakeside Park, City of, KY
Wright Farm West Detention Basin Improvements $118,165.00 Majors Enterprises, Inc.
Forest Park, City of
Willoughby-Eastlake WPCC Waterline Replacement $0.00

Willoughby, City of
Madison Pike Sidewalk - PH 5 $385,600.00 JPS Construction
Orphanage Road Sidewalk $376,770.00 Prus Construction included the base bid plus the alternate Fort Mitchell, City of, KY
Lakeside Park City Building $948,900.00 Radius Construction On hold. City looking for additional funding. 8/20/19 - 180186 – Lakeside Park City Building – awarded to Radius Construction for $948,900. Please post under awarded projects. Lakeside Park, City of, KY
Forest Park 2019 Street Program $565,308.31 Adleta Inc. Adleta’s base bid total of $495,248.81, plus the Alternate 2-Lassiter total of $70,059.50 Forest Park, City of
Leggett & Schumard Street Improvements - Licoln Heights $572,246.80 J.K. Meurer Corp.
Lincoln Heights, Village of
Jefferson St. Sanitary Sewer and Water System Improvements $614,819.00 Buckeye Excavating & Construction Project was awarded February 8, 2019. No start date listed Port Clinton, City of
Water Distribution Improvements - Phase 6 - Stack Yard Feeder Main $338,645.00 Alex E. Paris Contracting, Inc.
Wheeling, City of
Activated Sludge & Aerobic Digestion Process Equipment Procurement - PH 1A SOQ - West Union $995,000.00 Aero-Mod, Inc.
West Union, Village of
Bakerfield Road Bridge Repairs Over Phillips Creek (Re-bid) $0.00

Campbell County Road Department
BAKERFIELD ROAD BRIDGE REPAIRS OVER PHILLIPS CREEK (REBID) $128,943.50 Sunesis Construction 3/5/19 - Project on “No Outlet” road near schools so work won’t start until June. Will do minor start week of 4/1 (spring break). Campbell County Fiscal Court
Rifle Range Road Bridge Repairs over Phillips Creek $81,350.00 Prus Cpnstruction Inclimate weather has impeded work start; anticipated to begin in early summer. Campbell County Fiscal Court
Mentor Beach Park Emergency Revetment Repair $368,616.00 Mark Haynes Construction, Inc.
Mentor, City of
Constance Avenue Repair $112,480.00 Karvo Co. Constance Ave Repairs (180375) was bid in the bid book with the Street Improv Program (180373). Hiram, Village of
SR 306 Resurfacing, LAK SR-306 $1,410,790.68 Karvo Paving Co.
Kirtland, City of
KOI/Main Street Parking Lot, Phase 1 $44,136.00 Lanigan Construction City rejected all bids and put project on hold Alexandria, City of, KY
Weller Drive Improvements - RB $0.00

Tipp City, City of
Forest Park 2017 Street Program $560,529.53 ADLETA, INC.
Forest Park, City of