Spring Aerial Flights Take Off

Now is the Time to Think Aerial Mapping

“MS Consultants quickly recognized that using conventional means for an Ohio-based road project involving a 1.5-mile long residential/commercial corridor would be time consuming and costly. With approximately 80 parcels and numerous driveways as part of the project, CT Consultants was our first thought when we realized we needed to seek help.  We knew they could generate an economical aerial basemap solution that could easily be supplemented with remaining items such as drainage and utility features, as well as driveway compositions, using conventional survey means.

Having enjoyed a longstanding partnership with the CT Consultants aerial mapping team, they were once again there for us when and how we needed them. Understanding that better results would be obtained if an aerial flight was performed in early springtime rather than summer, due to leaf coverage, MS Consultants authorized CT Consultants to proceed with a flight. Following final contract authorization in August 2019, the completed basemap was submitted within 30 days of official notice to proceed.

This project is just one example of our continued partnership with CT Consultants. For 30 years, their aerial mapping team has been a friendly and professional trusted resource that provides a meaningful and enjoyable working relationship. Their responsiveness, accuracy, reliability and cost efficiency are second to none. We’re so impressed with CT Consultants that it would be nice to keep them as our secret so we could continue to have an advantage over our competition!”
– Brian Hughes, P.E., Project Manager, MS Consultants

To learn more about CT’s aerial mapping services, visit us at: https://aerocon.com/services/aerial-mapping/