Who We Serve

CT Consultants serves as trusted advisor to thousands of clients by providing planning, funding, design and construction services.  Our staff in local offices has enabled CT to provide responsive services while meeting strict schedule and budget requirements unique to each client and project.

Municipalities and County Agencies

CT Consultants is adept in customizing the engineering role to match the needs of the local municipalities and county agencies. We partner with clients to provide guidance and technical support for project planning and funding, design, and construction services. Projects involve the delivery of capital infrastructure including roads and bridges, water and wastewater utilities, and stormwater management.

Many clients have hired us to serve directly has their municipal engineer or specialized engineering consultant. Communities entrust CT Consultants to administer the long term infrastructure planning and implementation. The firm currently serves as Municipal Engineer to over 66 communities throughout Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Our staff has also been called upon to serve in specialized roles such Traffic Engineer, County/Authority Utility Engineer, Building Official, and Community Planner.

State Agencies

State agencies must oversee and provide the necessary infrastructure to support citizens, businesses and local governments. CT Consultants supports the upkeep and expansion of state highway systems with the planning, design and construction of highways and bridges. We have also completed many assignments for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Department of Natural Resources. An ever increasing public demand for fiscal responsibility requires our staff to have a clear understanding of agency goals and objectives. Our designs seek to improve and reduce long term maintenance while increasing overall life expectancy of their infrastructure assets.

Our diversity of work and clients also requires coordination and cooperation with state approving agencies regulating the environment, transportation, housing and urban development, building, and others. Our experience with state projects covers master planning, architecture, transportation, water resources, conservation, recreation and more.

Military and Federal Government

CT Consultants works closely with agencies and departments of the federal government on infrastructure improvement projects. In the federal arena, experience is particularly valuable. Each agency has its own priorities, resources, and regulations, as well as its own way of conducting business. We have come to understand not only their specific architectural and engineering needs, but also the nature and constraints of their internal operations, their goals and objectives, and—perhaps most importantly—the way their organizations function.

Our mission is to provide our military and federal clients with reliable and cost-effective solutions from initial budget development, through the planning, design and construction process, to successful project completion.


Our staff develops active and passive park and recreation projects that enhance the experience and enjoyment of park visitors while conserving and protecting natural resources.  From comprehensive planning to individual park and trail planning and design, CT Consultants’ staff provides assistance to regional park districts and municipal park and recreation departments. We develop park and trail systems offering destinations and connectivity to important community assets. Sustainable and green design elements are evaluated and implemented to address environmental, economic and community benefits.


Higher Education

At CT Consultants, we understand higher education institutions operate in a 24/7 environment, requiring well-designed spaces, buildings and campuses; pedestrian-friendly, easily navigable avenues of transportation; and energy efficient, sustainable systems and operations. Our success is based on providing solutions that are attentive to our clients’ needs and responsive to program requirements established by these colleges and universities.

Working in partnership is the key. Our clients are responsible for identifying and prioritizing projects for near- and long-term implementation. We understand the mission, vision, values and strategic priorities of our college and university partners, and are positioned to offer highly qualified planning, design and construction professionals on a project-by-project basis.


Various architecture and engineering services are provided in connection with the evaluation, planning, design and construction of school modernization and improvement projects.  Our architects and engineers work closely with the institution’s project team to maximize budgets to implement required improvements while meeting the mission of the educators and making the most of their investment. Facility improvements are planned to meet function, operations and maintenance needs, aesthetics, pedestrian and vehicular circulation requirements and budget. We understand project schedules must closely match school breaks and minimize any disruptions to the school year.

Developers and Real Estate Companies

The planning and design of a site defines its purpose and unlocks its potential. This development process often involves integrating site attributes and constraints in a manner that minimizes impact to the development vision and maximizes land-use value. CT Consultants’ site design and land development professionals understand that proper planning and site evaluation are critical to cost-effective, efficient project development and to your success.

Our staff has worked nationwide on a variety of commercial, retail and residential projects in both urban and suburban environments.   We understand quick turnaround is  essential to the tight schedules regularly faced in site development.

Oil & Gas

CT Consultants has the experienced staff and capacity to be at the side of oil and gas companies as they investigate and develop drilling operations throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Our staff understands the importance of rapid response to client needs and the pressure for our clients’ to implement production operations as quickly as possible.  By working closely with land acquisition teams as well as field, exploration and production managers, our locally based professional staff can service teams throughout the shale play.

From quickly moving through the permitting phase, coordinating with approval agencies and development of site recommendations, CT works to ensure drill pads and support facilities are up and running as quickly as possible. On-going services can be provided throughout the project life-cycle to support site selection, design, construction, and property management.


Our experience in the medical and healthcare field continues to grow.  Our staff has worked closely with project teams on the development of new and existing facilities including hospitals, urgent care centers, continuing care facilities, and rehabilitation centers.  Our civil/site design teams work closely with project architects to ensure facility planning goals are met and deliver on the client’s mission for patient care.

Utility Operations

CT Consultants has been providing tailored office and operations facility solutions to the electric, gas, water and telecommunications utility communities for over 20 years. Our services include: facility assessments, energy audits, master plans, design of new or renovated office operation facilities, control room design, materials management optimization studies, and construction management – advisor services.

Utilities provide and maintain the infrastructure that makes the lives of their customers possible where they work, live and play. In some cases, such as electric utilities, providing their service is literally a life and death matter during natural or civil disasters. Utility offices and operations facilities are designed to enable employees to operate as highly efficient teams in cost-effective buildings that can operate at a very low life-cycle cost.

CT aids CEOs, General Managers and Boards in strategically and holistically addressing their facility needs. Through an in-depth programming and planning process, we help utilities assess their needs, appropriate money, program and plan their facilities and cost-effectively deliver the constructed project custom tailored to meet their goals and fit their budget.